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Established by Stacey Dalton, a licenced Strata Manager with over a decade of experience in the Strata / Owners Corporation industries. Dalton Strata Services is a boutique company driven by providing tailored management to Residential and Commercial Owners Corporations and  Strata Title Schemes for a select portfolio of properties in New South Wales and Victoria.

How We Work

At Dalton Strata Services we provide the highest level of service for a select number of clients. We understand that every building is different, so we take the time to build a relationship with our clients to understand their specific needs. 

We work closely with owners to ensure that their home or investment is secure and that the Owners Corporation is legally compliant in all areas. We oversee and provide advice to the Owners Corporation to manage the financial affairs (of the owners corporation), maintain effective administrative records and preserve the corporation’s assets and equipment.

Your goals become our goals and we accomplish them through:
  • Direct, open communication with owners, executive committees and residents
  • Responsive, prompt and courteous service
  • Diligent completion of executive committee directives
  • Accurate financial and administration management 
  • Being contactable outside normal business


Our Strata Management services can be broken down into three primary categories: financial management; administrative management and repairs, maintenance and asset management.
Financial Management

Broadly speaking, financial management refers to all of the financial matters for which your strata scheme is responsible. This may include: budgeting; collecting strata fees and special levies; preparing financial statements and seeking annual independent audits at the request of the Owners Corporation.

Administrative Assistance

Our strata agents will take care of the administrative details required to carry out the decisions of your Owners Corporation and/or Executive Committee. Administrative duties include: maintaining accurate records as required by the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act or the Victorian Owners Corporation Act 2006; preparing agendas and minutes for some meetings; liaising between owners, the Executive Committee or Committee, Contractors and local governing bodies, as well as preparing and disseminating notices to owners and residents. All insurance requirements including claims also fall under our responsibility as strata and owners corporation manager. We work closely with highly regarded industry specialists BAC insurance brokers for our strata schemes insurance needs.

Repairs and Maintenance / Asset Management

We perform a wide array of services relating to the safety, security and repairs and maintenance of your building. This involves arranging appropriately qualified, licensed and insured trades people to attend to the repairs and maintenance as per the requirements of either the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act or the Victorian Owners Corporation Act 2006, regularly scheduled service appointments, maintaining a 24/7 emergency response number, providing guidance and seeking specialist advice on capital maintenance projects.


Jones was impressed that Dalton said she would conduct regular site visits. That was something that no other manager was offering. "We’re looking for someone to really help us be on top of it. We knew this was someone who would know that if we said something was in the north-west corner, she would know what we mean."
“In the five plus years we've had the property I personally have only really been happy when Stacey was managing our strata business - she's always been on top of things and is a great communicator and totally across everything.  Dalton Strata makes life easy” 
David, Old South Head Road, Bondi
“Within a very short period we realised that we had made a very good decision as the services provided and attention to detail to our small complex far exceeded (what) we had experienced with our former Management Company”
Amy, Stanwell Park
“Simply outstanding”
Peter, Market Street, Wollongong
Stacey has proven herself to be a motivated, driven and very knowledgeable Owners Corporation Manager. I would highly recommend Dalton Strata to anyone looking for a change in manager.
Dale, Bayswater, Victoria
“We have been managed by Stacey Dalton for the last 3 years. Stacey and now her team have proved to be a valuable asset to the Owners Corporation by providing sound professional management advice. As a result, we enjoy residing in extremely well maintained buildings, pay reasonable strata fees and are very comfortable with how the building is run. As a member of our Executive Committee since its inception, I do not hesitate in providing Dalton Strata Services with the highest possible recommendations”
Bernard, Bona Vista Avene, Maroubra

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Common Property?

Common property is all the areas of the land and building not included in any ‘lot’. It is jointly owned by all owners and the Owners Corporation is responsible for its management.

What is a Lot?

A ‘lot’ includes any unit, town house, parcel or garage over which you have a right of ownership. It is made up of cubic air space and is generally formed by the inner surface of the boundary walls, the under surface of the ceiling and the upper surface of the floor.

Who is a Lot Owner?

A ‘lot’ owner is a person(s) or companies that buys a ‘lot’ and whose name is shown on the Register at LPI.

What is the Owners Corporation?

The Owners Corporation is made up of all the owners in the strata scheme. Each ‘lot’ owner is automatically part of the Owners Corporation and has a right to participate in the decision making. It has responsibility for the overall management of the scheme.

Do we need a quorum to hold a meeting?

Yes. A quorum for a general meeting is 25% of people entitled to vote or owners who hold 25% or more of unit entitlement. A quorum for an executive committee meeting is at least 50% of the executive committee members.

How much influence do we have over the managing agent?

The managing agent is the employee of the Owners Corporation. They can offer advice and direction, but final authority lies with the Owners Corporation.

Why do we need to have a sinking fund plan?

All buildings need to be maintained regularly to retain their value and stop minor damage and deterioration becoming major problems. Developing a ten-year sinking fund plan means that future repairs and maintenance are anticipated well in advance. The Owners Corporation can then agree upon the best way to raise levies to cover these future costs.

Does my Strata Scheme have to be registered for GST?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) considers the Owners Corporation as a body made up of separate entities (owners) and further, that the Owners Corporation is providing taxable services for its members. The GST Act requires an Owners Corporation to be registered for GST if its turnover exceeds the $150,000.00 registration threshold for non-profit bodies, based upon both current and projected turnover. This turnover includes the Administration and Sinking fund levies.

I am thinking of renovating. Should I tell anyone?

Yes. In almost all cases a renovation will need to be notified to the Owners Corporation (at least) and will probably need approval. So, to avoid problems, notify your Owners Corporation of any work you propose doing.

What is Common Property?

Common property includes any parts of the land, buildings and airspace that are not lots on the plan of subdivision. It may include gardens, passages, walls, pathways, driveways, stairs, lifts, foyers and fences. 

The common property is collectively owned by the lot owners as tenants-in-common. Floor coverings and fixtures within a lot are usually the property of the lot owner.

 What is an Owners Corporation

An owners corporation is a body of owners that manage the common property of a residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed-use property development. The common property is defined as any property not on title to any one particular owner include stairs, paths, elevators, lobbies, driveways, pools, common garden areas and other facilities set up for use by owners and occupiers.

An Owners Corporation may be created in any subdivision - residential, retail, commercial, industrial or mixed use. More than one owners corporation can be created in a subdivision of land or buildings. 

Do I have to be part of the Owners Corporation?

If you own property affected by an owners corporation then you become a member of that owners corporation automatically. As a member, you have legal and financial responsibilities to the owners corporation.

My bathroom tap is leaking. Can I charge the Owners Corporation for it?

No, the taps are internal of the apartment and not in or relating to the benefit of more than one lot or the common property. The obligation of the Owners Corporation extends only to repairs and maintenance of the common property; and the chattels, fixtures, fittings and services related to the common property or its enjoyment. If you are renting, contact the office of the real estate agent from whom you are renting, or your landlord if renting directly.

How do I find out the contact details of our Owners Corporation manager?

If the Owners Corporation has appointed a manager, the owners corporation must erect and maintain a sign with the manager's name and address.

Who can resolve Owners Corporation disputes?

There is a 3 tier system for dispute resolution - Internal, CAV and VCAT. The internal dispute resolution procedure is prescribed both in Part 10 under the Act and in the model rules. Notice of 28 days and a final notice of a further 28 days must be given to rectify breaches or failure to pay fees and charges.

So the Owners Corporations Act 2006 provides a number of options in dealing with disputes. It sets out a 3-tiered complaint and dispute resolution process involving:

- The owners corporation internal dispute resolution process
- Conciliation through Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)
- Application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for an order

More information is available from CAV on Ph: 1300 55 81 81 or www.consumer.vic.gov.au

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